Networking-Ansible ML2 Driver

Networking-Ansible ML2 Driver


Networking-Ansible is a python library that abstracts management and interaction with switching hardware to Ansible Networking. This library is not tested with all the modules included with Ansible Networking. In theory it should work with any switch that has compatible modules included with Ansible Networking if the provider tasks are added to this library’s Ansible role. See the contributor documentation for more information about adding support for an Ansible Networking driver to the openstack-ml2 Ansible role.


The Networking-Ansible library consists of the following components:

ML2 Mechanism Driver
Invoked by neutron to configure L2 networking for OpenStack tenant networks.
Python API
Imported directly by python.

Use Cases

OpenStack Ironic Baremetal Guest Deployment

Ironic uses Networking-Ansible to configure the switch ports for the baremetal guests. Ironic needs to swap the port a baremetal guest is connected to between the Ironic provisioning network and the tenant VLAN that the guest is assigned.

Python API

Any python application could need the ability to communicate with a switch to perform a task that networking-ansible is able to complete. The interaction with ansible is designed in a library style that will allow direct import and invocation in python independant of a running OpenStack deployment.


  • Create and delete VLANs
  • Configure a port in access mode and assign a it to a VLAN
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