ML2 Configuriation

ML2 Configuriation

This section decribes how to configure Neutron configuration files to enable the networking-ansible ML2 driver and configure switch devices that will be managed by networking-ansible.

  1. Configure type_drivers and mechanism_drivers and network_vlan_ranges.

    Add vlan to type_drivers, ansible to mechanism_drivers, and define the network_vlan_range that will be used by the openstack networks that use this driver.

    type_drivers = vlan
    mechanism_drivers = ansible
    network_vlan_ranges = physnet1:1000:1099
    • Do not remove other values from these comma delimited lists if there are are already values present. Append a comma and your value to the list.
    • physnet1 is an identifier configured in the bridge_mapping TODO(radez) doc ref to bridge_mapping
    • the VLAN range (1000:1099 in this example) is provided by the switch administor. This range is the VLAN IDs assigned by Neutron when a network is created.
  2. Add a section for each switch device that will be managed by networking-ansible.

    Create a section for each host with a section name prefixed by ansible: in /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini.

    • myhostname is an arbitrary internal identifier used only in ironic’s link_local_information.
    • ansible_network_os is a valid Ansible Networking value to indicate switch type. Tested with networking-ansible: openvswitch, junos Untested but valid with networking-ansible: eos, nxos See contributor/provider for more information.
    • ansible_host is the IP address or hostname used to connect to the switch.
    • ansible_user username of the credentials used to connect to the switch.
    • ansible_pass password of the credentials used to connect to the switch.

    OpenStack Specific parameters:

    • mac is the MAC address of the switch as provided by lldp. This is optional to provide and specific to OpenStack ML2 use cases. It is used for zero touch provisioning using Ironic introspection. Introspection gathers the switch’s MAC and node’s port provided by lldp and populates the baremetal node’s local_link_information. If this parameter is provided in the ML2 ini configuration it will be used to match against the lldp provided MAC to populate internally generated ansible playbooks with the appropriate host name for the switch.
    • manage_vlans is optional and defaults to True. Set this to False for a switch if networking-ansible should not create and delete VLANs on the device.

    Additional parameters and examples:

    ansible_ssh_common_args='-o ProxyCommand="ssh -W %h:%p -q user@hostname"'
    • ansible_ssh_private_key_file can be used as an alternative to ansible_pass to use ssh key authentication instead of password authentication.
    • ansible_ssh_common_args is passed to the ssh command Ansible uses. In the example above the ProxyCommand is used to connect to a switch through a proxy.

    Parameters pass through automatically:

    • All parameters not mentioned here are passed from neutron to ansible through inventory. Any inventory parameter that is supported by the version of Ansible should be able to be defined in the switch’s configuration stanza and will passed to Ansible.
  3. Restart the Neutron API service

    $ service neturon-server restart
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