To successfully install and configure the Networking-Ansible library, you will possibly need a few prerequisites. Collecting this information and ensuring these resources are available will ensure a successful installation.

  1. Switch credentials that allow configuration changes to the ports that the deployed baremetal guests are connected to.

    For security purposes it is important that you do not provide administrator access to the switch for networking-ansible. A user should be created and granted access for the permissions needed for networking-ansible.

    Networking-Ansible will need to configure a port in access mode and assign a VLAN to that port. It will optionally need access to create VLANs if you choose not to predefine the VLANs that will be used.

  2. If you plan to configure networking-ansible as an ML2 driver in OpenStack, OpenStack must be installed with Neutron configured to provide VLAN tenant networking.

    This prerequisite is currently outside the scope of this document. Please refer to Neutron’s documentation or other guides to provide VLAN tenant networking.

    For guides to assist in installing and deploying OpenStack visit OpenStack Docs.

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